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Hi There,

My name is Jenny Woodruff and I am the owner of Weebird Web Design. I have created this company specifically for the healthcare industry. I have been in the medical arena for over 20 years performing various jobs from back office assistant (how I paid for my undergrad), pharmaceutical sales,  moving into management for medical devices which is where I obtained a Master’s of Healthcare Administration.

During my tenure in sales and management, I have worked with leading customer relationship management software and eventually became a key player in the development, integration, and training for drug and device companies, as well as clinics.

In 2016, my passion to help people realigned as I developed a unique skill set to analyze and understand the process of technology (not easy to find) needed to make the jobs easier for healthcare professionals that would allow them to focus on caring for their patients as well as creating better relationships and communication between business, practices, and clients.

Weebird Web Design is created by a healthcare professional for healthcare professionals. I am a tenured representative that has worked on both sides of the CRM. I know what it takes in a CRM to double my territory, dramatically increase my sales, and advance my career through means of technology.

If you want your best employee to improve the way your organization communicates through means of technology; then look no further.

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