Here Is Where Your Website Becomes Part of Your Small Business

Before we begin, let’s clarify some of the following questions that I often discuss with my clients. Reading this article will give you insight as to what you want from your website, set goals, and have a general understanding of what you are getting yourself into before hand.

What it means to have a Weebird Web Design

Exclusively serving small businesses in Southeast Texas. Weebird Web Designs are made specifically for SBO’s and to have more control of their online presences, if and when they want it.

What exactly is a Web Designer?

Like any job title and description it could just mean ….. What I am best at is analyzing the market and the location and creating a website that amalgamates the two. Every business is unique, furthermore consumer trends continue to evolve. It’s important the small business owners ….. With that being said, I am well suited to serve locally based small businesses in the Southeast Texas region.

How to decide if you are in need of a web developer or web designer

These days, web design and development are interchangeable. Most companies can use either depending on the choice are building process.

The difference between a Web Developer and a Web Designer

In essence, web design refers to the aesthetic portion of the website and it’s usability and visual appeal. Web designers use various design programs to create the layout, and visual elements of the website.

What does a Website really mean?

Defining the word “website” could be as easy as seeing a something to anyone. To a small business owner it means much more. It means their online presence, it means additional revenue, it means more meaningful customer relationships, and extending reputation.



On the other hand, web developers, take a website design and make a functioning website from it. Web developers use CSS, HTML, PHP and other programming language.


The Beginning of a Relationship Between Small Business Owner and Their Online Presence

By 2012 it was essential for small business owners to share their business with their online social community and the emerging on email marketing was only purchased by large companies with sophisticated technology capabilities

How To Choose the Best Website Designer for Your Small Business

It’s come time for you to get a website, now, comes the daunting task of …. To begin your quest to find the right designer for your site. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1.  What specifically do you want to do with your website?   (Example Answers)
    1. Keep in touch with customers
    2.  Get a more robust social media following
    3.  Email market
    4.  A simple site to tell people what your small business doe
  2.  How much time do you have to devote to your website during prototype?    (Example Answers)
    1. One day a week for the first 3 months, continuing to 1 morning a week there after
    2. 2-4 hours a week, at a set time to focus
    3. Weekends or after work sometime
    4. I’ll wing it during my free time
  3. Who will work with your website once it’s complete?                                        (Example Answers)
    1. I plan on doing it myself
    2. I plan on learning it, and passing it on to a valued employee
    3. An employee who expresses interest in computers, but I really don’t have time or interest to deal with it,.
    4. Make my brother do it, he’s got plenty of time on his hands.

I recommend that you, the owner, take the time to learn it yourself or have a dedicated employee that not only has worked with you for a good amount of time, but also has some kind of sales understanding.

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